Monday , October 23 2017
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  • Crocodiles-climb-trees

    Crocodiles can climb trees

    Most people entering crocodile territory keep a wary eye out on water and land, but research suggests they need to look up. Though the reptiles lack obvious physical features to suggest this is possible, crocodiles in fact climb trees all the way to the crowns, according to University of Tennessee …

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  • luna-landers

    NASA to aid commercial lunar landers

  • hasina-Ershad

    Hasina pokes fun at Ershad poems

    Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has spoken highly of the natural beauty of Bangladesh. She said even a military dictator had tried his hand at poetry under the influence of nature’s beauty. Speaking at the inaugural session of SAARC Literature Festival in Dhaka on Thursday, the Prime Minister said: “Bangladesh is …

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